“One-size-fits-all” service? Not from us.

We supply products. But even after we’ve sold them our service does not end. We are committed to good and competent service, every day – because we are only satisfied when you are.

Supplier handling

  • You are tired of unreliable suppliers?
  • You have to consolidate your supplier pool?
  • You don’t want to waste valuable time for supplier maintenance?

We will help our customers to consolidate and handle suppliers in order to save time and money! Further information on existing conditions can be given by phone.

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We Get
It Going


Product assembly

  • We can dye most of our natural coloured plastic parts in various colours upon request.
  • Customized packaging of our products is possible upon request.
  • Pre-assembly of sets / bags according to your specifications and requirements.

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Labeling in accordance to VDA and customized labels

  • We offer the possibility of VDA labeling free of charges.
  • Customized labeling on bags or boxes with your company logo free of charges.

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Fast EDI

Communication and efficient order processing via EDI connection

  • To improve communication, automated EDI order processing can be established.
  • Additionally an interface connection to your ERP is possible upon request.

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Part procurement

  • Couldn’t find the product you were looking for?
  • You don’t want to add and take care of another supplier?

We can help! We offer part procurement for almost all kind of parts according to your specifications and requirements.

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We Take

For Support?

Technical support by phone or on the spot

Our site couldn’t help you finding any solution? Your requirements didn‘t match with our products?

  • Our experienced field service and back office staff will gladly help you with any queries. Throughout Germany and Europe.

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Order product samples

  • Add your products of interest to your samplebox.
  • Go to “My samples” and submit your order – free of charge and non-binding.

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And how may we serve you?

Simply call us, we will take care of it! Detailed information can be given by our field service or via E-Mail info@remove.this.pb-fastener.de.

Field Service

Jens Seydel

Sales Manager 
Phone: +49 172 6704345

Steven Böttche

Automotive Sales Germany
Phone: +49 160 92100515

Sten Felber

Industrial Sales Germany
Phone: +49 160 4593502