Our commitment

Committed to our customers

pb elektro vertriebs-gmbh offers its customers a balanced and comprehensive range of mechanical and electro-mechanical components. Our products are intended to benefit users in application and processing and to help increase the quality of customer products.

To achieve this goal, we have deliberately never offered “a bit of everything” since our company was founded in 1980. Instead, we have continuously been working on extending and completing the existing product range.

The resulting specialisation is a great advantage for our customers. pb elektro vertriebs-gmbh sees itself as a service company.

Our service to our customers includes

  • competent advice by trained back-office staff and field representatives,
  • provision of an application-oriented product range by innovative and reliable manufacturers,
  • demand-oriented warehousing,
  • punctual delivery on schedule.

All employees are committed to meeting our "error-free” guideline in their daily work and to fulfilling the tasks and requirements we are given, thus constantly increasing the satisfaction of our customers.

Committed to people

We expect our workforce to comply with applicable laws and regulations on legal, social and ethical conditions. We confirm compliance with applicable legal, ethical and social requirements in the company. The company management is committed to complying with the applicable standards without restriction; corruption and the acceptance of benefits are not tolerated. We demand this all along the supply chain - i.e. also from our suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers - and it is a condition for good and long-term collaboration.

We, pb elektro vertriebs-gmbh, act socially responsibly and ethically correctly, observing compliance with the international Social Accountability 8000 standard, and expect the same from our suppliers.

This standard is based on a variety of existing international human rights, including all core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Here you can find an overview of the core values we adhere to. However, we strive to achieve a higher standard.

Committed to environment and energy

Considering that natural resources are limited, environmental pollution is increasing, and prices for energy and raw materials are rising in the long term, we feel committed to thinking one step further where it comes to our corporate responsibility. By systematically and continuously analysing our products, we thus want to make the use of all resources more economical, aiming for cost efficiency and the preservation of a healthy ecosystem for future generations.

In addition to the special responsibility borne by the management, this requires the understanding and cooperation of all the company’s employees. For this reason, we provide regular, company-wide information and involve all members of staff.

We are committed to the following energy and environmental policy guidelines:

  • Responsibility for energy and environmental protection begins with the company management.
  • We see energy and environmental protection as a necessary measure to achieve our corporate goals.
  • Energy and environmental protection is a key management task. Superiors have an essential function as role models and bear vital responsibility.
  • Through appropriate technical and organisational measures, we reduce the amount of waste and residual materials as well as environmentally harmful emissions to a minimum.
  • If required, our customers receive information on the environmental compatibility and friendliness of our products with regard to handling, use, recycling, and disposal.

Commitment to legally compliant action

We commit ourselves to complying with the applicable laws and regulations on legal conditions. The REACH Regulation demands "No data, no market!" from all economic operators in the EU area. We take this obligation very seriously and meet our legal obligations as a downstream distributor, working closely with our suppliers to ensure that our customers are well informed.

pb elektro vertriebs-gmbh is REACH-aware

At the time of going to press, all products and packaging complied with the requirements of EC No. 1907/2006 (REACH) and the applicable SVHC list. The EU 2002/95/EC Directive is checked and communicated for all products: since August 2005, our RoHS/ELV compliant products have been identified on offers, shipping documents and product labels.

At the time of going to press, all products complied with the RoHS requirements.

Commitment to occupational health and safety

In order to protect our employees’ health, we consistently take measures to avoid accidents and prevent work-related illnesses.

  • Our employees receive comprehensive annual training on topics such as "personal protective equipment" and "handling hazardous substances".
  • We provide our staff with all the necessary means to protect their health at all times.
  • We comply with legal requirements and official instructions on occupational health and safety at all times.
  • We carry out regular workplace inspections and analyse every occupational accident in order to derive recommendations for future action.

Together with our safety officers and our external safety experts, we ensure the necessary safety standards at all times.

In addition, we regularly seek advice on fire protection and workplace ergonomics and ensure a high standard in these areas with the help of our external partners.

Committed to information security

Information processing plays a key role in the fulfilment of our tasks. All essential strategic and operational functions and tasks are significantly supported by information technology (IT). A failure of IT systems must be an existing but controllable risk. Since our core competence lies in the management of specific customer orders in the automotive industry, the protection of our data and information against unauthorised access and unauthorised modification is essential.

The protection of customer data is an indispensable prerequisite for the long-term business success of the company and is therefore of existential importance for pb elektro vertriebs-gmbh and its employees, which is why every employee is obliged to observe and comply with this guideline and the security guidelines applicable to the respective workplace.

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